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it takes a village

We are committed to providing a nurturing home, education, and future opportunities to orphaned or abandoned children in Nepal. 


Our story began as an encounter between locals and travelling Canadians in Nepal. Both sides realized they wanted to build a safe haven for vulnerable children. Thus, in 2008, an international collaboration and Children’s home began in the picturesque town of Bandipur. 15 years later, the home has welcomed many displaced youth and, with the help of independent Canadian donors and Nepalese caregivers, has watched them grow into responsible young adults. We couldn’t be prouder! 


In 2018, we started working with the International Humanitarian Society, who also share our values of providing holistic care to children in need. With their help, we received our Canadian tax receiptable status.


Because of our efforts, the Bandipur Children's Home is noted as a model in the Tanahun district of Nepal. Our vision is to exemplify holistic care that not only benefits the lives of our children, but also the lives of other youth in nearby Children's Homes. 

Our board members,
staff & volunteers

Marcie Esau 
Cofounder + Executive Director

Marcie is a Registered Nurse and Contemporary Artist. With two kids and two cats, She's always on the move. Marcie loves reading, hiking and camping. She saves her most special adventures for Nepal mountain villages. Marcie comes with her behind-the-scenes husband who has also supported every aspect of this work. She currently lives in New Westminster, BC. 

Christina Panthi
Cofounder, Home Mother
+ Local Director

Christina works very hard to run the Bandipur Children's Home alongside her husband, Dipak. 

Dipak Panthi
Cofounder, Home Father +
Local Director

With the help of his loving wife, Christina, Dipak runs the Children's Home and cares deeply for all of his children. 

Amanda Egert

Amanda has a passion for global work and global connectedness. She is a Registered Nurse with a variety of experiences that have taken her on many adventures both locally and globally. For the past 13 years, Amanda has been a nurse educator and leader in a Vancouver undergraduate nursing program. Her daily joy comes from finding ways to spend time with family and friends, soaking up the sun, and planning her next adventure.

Jovi Klak
Graphic Designer

Jovi is a visual artist and graphic designer. She’s worked as a grain farmer hand for the majority of her life, and finds much solace and inspiration in nature. She loves to draw, capture photos, and visit distant lands. Big dogs, crackling fires, and Hawkins cheesies are some of her favourite things. 

Laxman Kaphle
Youth Leader

Laxman is a role model and excellent leader to the youth at the Bandipur Children's Home. 


Other team members

Child Wellness Liaison  Heather Ritz

Educational Liaison + Scholarship Planner  Melissa Wiens

Culture + Finance Advisors  Carl Reimer & Carmen Esau

Interested in joining us? 

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