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We are a group of young professionals in Canada committed to providing a nurturing home, education, and future opportunities to orphaned or abandoned children in Nepal. Our goal is to empower these children to transform their lives and communities. 


Everything started in 2008, when two honeymooning trekkers visiting Nepal, had an encounter with a Nepali couple that would change their lives. Realizing that both parties were passionate about helping the vulnerable, a partnership began. Construction for a children’s home in Bandipur began in 2010. The house was completed in 2012, and the first children were welcomed to begin their new lives.

our board

Marcie – Executive Director

Marcie is a Registered Nurse and Contemporary Artist. She serves on the Mission’s board at her home church in Burnaby, BC. She is a mother of two, and a self professed “perpetual over-thinker”. Marcie loves adventures, especially ones that take place in Nepal! 

Amanda – Secretary

Amanda has a passion for global work and global connectedness. For the past 7 years, she’s worked as a nurse educator in Vancouver and teaches clinical, nursing research, and global health. Once she completes her Master’s in Nursing, she will finally be able to peel away from her computer and resume her favorite hobbies that have been on hold including: hiking, biking, painting, camping, and sleeping. Her current (sparse) free-time is usually spent trying to find ways to travel to Kelowna to snuggle and play with her three darling nieces.


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