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Our children

Working with a loving Nepali family, we are currently providing a much needed home to 5 boys and 7 girls.

Our vision is to provide a home for the children in our care. We generally limit our capacity to 15 children at a given time. We have had children graduate from the need for childcare and at that time, a new child may arrive.
We balance our desire for a small, home-like setting, with a high demand for care in our home. 


Children's background at a glance: Eight children were orphaned, four were abandoned, and five were beaten and forced to do hard manual labor before arriving at the home.

We highlight these difficult stories to emphasize how important your support is to the children who benefit from this work. 

The children who have come to our care thrive. We see that each new child entering into the home is not only welcomed by the leaders and caregivers, but by the other children who demonstrate empathy and compassion for one another. 

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